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Hello friends ,

Welcome all of you , on our e-commerce site ,

we want to give you information about our new e-commerce site in india.

It has given a new feature, here you can translate

the information of any product in your language.

 If you look at the website in Desktop Mode,

on the top line you will get the SELECT language option .

By clicking on it.You can translate the entire E-COMMERCE SITE in your language.

You can translate the entire E-COMMERCE SITE in your language.

In the photo below you will see a screenshot.Which languages ??are available.

We are an online e-commerce portal where we sell various handpicked items. We are committed to provide customers good quality products on affordable prices.  If you not like the product than you can return the product in 4 days .

My page name is - Local Banao Global

meaning of this name is - Will give opportunity to sell Made in India products on this ecommerce site.So that local can become global.And local  cannot be made global until the people of India will not support each others. If you will not support me , than how can i make local to global.Are you with my mission ? Local Banao Global

If you want to know more about this mission in Hindi and in detail.So you join me on social media and I keep giving new updates on my blog.If you want to go direct to my blog, then instead of .com, put the last .in  ,  For example - instead of localbnoglobal.com, you will find my Hindi blog on localbnoglobal.in and there you will be able to know more about me.You will find my Hindi blog and there you will be able to know more about me.

If you still have any questions or queries in your mind, you can contact me without any hesitation by email

email id is also very simple


Meaning -  put @ gmail.com in BACK of the website name.

We will try to reply your query as soon as possible . We are now solve your only by email ,Because  Other platforms ,  some times not possible to check daily

Our Location - LocalBanaoGlobal.com